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Yellow Yay Likes to Play!

Yellow Yay Likes to Play! For Yellow Yay, life really is all fun and games. She likes all kinds of sports - from jump rope to football. On rainy days, you can find her inside playing board games and hide and seek. If you join her for a car ride, she'll ask you to play "I spy" and "twenty questions."

Yellow Yay likes to sing. She'll sing songs she hears on the radio and even make up songs of her own. She also plays musical instruments - her favorite is the piano. And dancing is another one of her favorite activities. She makes up a different dance for every song she hears.

The hardest thing for Yay to do is sit still. She'd much rather run and jump and skip and spin. She's very smart too. She likes to do crossword puzzles and challenge Blue Bink to trivia games. And she usually gets as many questions right as Bink does!