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Red Rinn Likes to Imagine!

Red Rinn Likes to Imagine! Red Rinn is never bored - he can always think of something fun to do. In his mind, a plain cardboard box can transform itself into hours of fun: a majestic pirate ship pitching to and fro over massive waves, or a sleek, shiny race car on the final lap of the Blue Bink Grand Prix, or a rocket ship zig-zagging through a field of asteroids.

He likes to write stories and poems: a pack of ogres threatening the beautiful princess before the brave prince arrives to save the day, or an archeologist navigating rugged terrain in search of the ruins of a lost city.

And he's also quite a good artist: painting a picture of a glorious sunrise breaking over jagged mountain peaks to shine on a glistening meadow decorated with wild flowers of gold, crimson and royal blue.

When other people run out of ideas, Rinn always comes up with creative ways to solve problems. He is truly one of those people who thinks "outside the box."