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PRLog - Aug. 18, 2014 - SANTA CLARITA, Calif. -- Author and illustrator Jim Richard of Blue Bink Books released a new book on August 1, 2014. In Green Gern Likes to Learn - Numbers, the title character guides the young reader through a month of learning numbers and basic math. Each page features a new day and a new math concept. Topics covered include simple addition and subtraction, counting by fives and tens, patterns, measurements, telling time and counting change. In addition, each page shows multiple representations of the number of the day - the number as a digit, spelled out as a word, as an ordinal number, as a number of coins, and as tally marks. Attention has also been given to the inclusion of many common sight words for young readers to practice.

Books in the Blue Bink series have begun with preschool topics and are growing to cover topics for kindergarten and first grade students. They are also written at a beginner's reading level.

The first book in the series, Blue Bink Likes to Think - Colors, introduces a lovable cast of characters who practice finding objects of each color of the rainbow. Similarly, in Yellow Yay Likes to Play - Shapes, each character finds shapes in the games they play. The third book, Red Rinn Likes to Imagine - Letters, appeals both to beginning and more advanced readers. The top of each page contains a basic sentence such as, "A is for alligator." Then the bottom of the page gives an alliterated tongue twister such as, "Agreeable alligators are always available to eat affordable apples and avocados!"

These books seek to educate while they entertain and also to inspire their audience to Think, Play, Imagine and Learn (which are the mottos of the four main characters).