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What to know about Blue Bink Books:

Blue Bink Book Blue Bink Books exists to create children's books that help kids think, play, imagine and learn.

We value the privilege of teaching, encouraging and entertaining the child in your life. Kids naturally imitate the characters they see in movies, on television and in books. So we have created four characters who demonstrate admirable qualities worthy of imitation.

Each character's actions define who they are. So much so that they get their names from what they do. The first letter of the character's name is the same as the first letter of their color. The rest of the character's name rhymes with their action.

Our main character is blue and likes to think so his name is Bink. The next is yellow and likes to play so we call her Yay. Rinn is so named because he is red and likes to imagine. And the green one who likes to learn is called Gern.

Then we have a couple of additional fun-loving characters: Purple Pep the dog and Orange Onga the cat.

We hope that our cute, lovable characters who like to think, play, imagine and learn will entertain and inspire kids as they teach subjects like colors, shapes, letters, numbers and more!